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Pro Compliance Experts has the unique distinction of a working model accentuating on various delivery, service and sustenance models which are a perspective shift from current norms. Delivering confidence is a way of life for us.

Located in Bangalore, Pro Compliance Experts is a unique perspective based training organization, providing world-class regulatory and compliance trainings by leveraging a pool of experienced speakers/consultants. Weare in the domain expertise space of Banking, Human Resources, Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology, Medical device and Healthcareindustries for customers in India and overseas. Our trainings haveunique stellar delivery modulesand cover the most up to date and relevant topics to help build your knowledge base. And, for providing enduring success models, we have webinars, dedicated in-person seminars and consultancy services taken up by our panel of esteemed and noteworthy experts.

We specialize in Blockchain development services, aiming at restructuring fundamental business transactions. Our forte includes Hyperledger Fabric Development, ICO Platform Development, Smart Contract Development and Auditing, and many more new forms of digital interactions.We focus on building more efficient, transparent and cost-effective solutions for transactional applications, meant for organizations trying to achieve a secure system and reduce the possibility of security breaches.

Our services also include innovative Scholus (Student Information System) development for better student management through insightful analysis of data and, thereby, empowering the stakeholders to make the right decisions. Our team of experts combines the latest technology with a unique perspective to create various SIS products, specifically tailored to suit the needs of different educational establishments.

Mobile and Web App Development is another domain in which we specialize. We believe that every organization is unique and requires unique digital solutions for operating smoothly. Understanding the needs of our clients, we carefully research and develop the best web and mobile apps which not only serve the purpose of the organizations but also give them a competitive advantage. Pro Compliance Experts also provides top-notch IT Infrastructure Management services and Digital Marketing services helping organizations churn out exceptionally fruitful ways of achieving your objectives.

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